Our Donation Partners

In working to reduce food waste, we're doing more than just helping the environment. By saving food that would otherwise go to waste, we are increasing the amount of food available to everyone–not just our customers, but folks in need too. Fighting food waste and fighting hunger are truly interconnected, which is why every week, we donate thousands of pounds of delicious, healthy fruits and vegetables to our nonprofit partners. Anytime we have excess produce in our warehouse that cannot make it into a box, we find a way to get it to an organization that will use it to make a difference in our community. Below are the organizations that we currently work with. We encourage you to learn more about their work and support them, too! If you are a nonprofit interested in receiving donations from us, please contact us at donations@imperfectproduce.com.

Food Shift works to fight food waste through educational initiatives and waste reduction consulting. In their Food Shift kitchen, they turn our ugly produce into healthy meals for the East Bay residents, as well as provide valuable job training for the homeless and unemployed.

The SF Marin Food Bank is a crucial resource for the 1 in 4 San Francisco and Marin residents who struggle with hunger. In addition to their robust food pantry program, the SFMFB is a strong advocate for food policy reform and regularly engages in community outreach through nutrition classes and assistance with Calfresh benefits. They also offer innovative neighborhood pantries that empower people to choose their own fresh groceries in a “farmers market style setting." We work directly with their food sourcing coordinator to donate produce directly to these neighborhood pantries, ensuring that it ends up where it’s needed most.

Sprouts empowers the next generation to make smart food choices through food education programs. They offer free classes on cooking and nutrition in public schools as well as culinary job training for at-risk youth. Sprouts educators routinely pick up our produce from the warehouse and use it in their free classes.

18 Reasons is an innovative community cooking school in San Francisco’s Mission District. They also offer free cooking classes in low-income communities all around the Bay Area that empower families with the necessary skills to make healthy meals on a budget. They regularly use Imperfect produce in their classes.

Bay Leaf Kitchen is near our warehouse and dear to our hearts, as our donation partner in San Francisco’s Bayview neighborhood, where we are located. They offer hands-on learning for children of all backgrounds so they can understand the value of seasonal food, diversity, and community and share the intersection of the three with their families! We’re proud to provide them with regular donations of produce to nourish this education.

LA Kitchen and Imperfect both believe that neither food nor people should have to go to waste. As our main donation partner in Los Angeles, LA Kitchen transforms our ugly produce into beautiful, wholesome meals that local charities distribute to the aging, low-income, and homeless populations of Los Angeles. LA Kitchen also helps at-risk foster children get valuable job training and life skills through their Empower Program. 

Urban Gleaners is primary donation partner in the Portland, Oregon area. We partnered with them because they share our belief that fighting food waste and ending hunger are one and the same. They work to alleviate hunger in Portland by recovering food from restaurants, events, and companies like Imperfect and delivering it where it’s needed most. We provide them with weekly donations of fresh produce to support their mission.


We work with The Greater Chicago Food Depository to distribute food to people in need across Chicago and Cook County, particularly children, older adults, and veterans at risk of hunger. GCFB sources food from every point along the supply chain, including produce from Imperfect, to provide nutritious options to soup kitchens, shelters, food pantries, and "Producemobiles" -- farmer's markets on wheels that deliver fresh produce to low-income areas every day. We're proud to support their mission and message.  


The Westchester Food Pantry works to end hunger in the communities including Hillside, Berkeley, Broadview, Bellwood, La Grange Park, Western Springs and Westchester in Chicago. They are an entirely volunteer-run organization open year round, supported by the generous donations of local residents, organizations, and businesses.

UI Healthy Pilsen Food PantrY

UI Healthy Pilsen Food Pantry, started by Evelyn Figueroa, serves vulnerable Chicagoans by reducing food insecurity. She partnered with the UI Health Pilsen Lower West Family Health Center, Trader Joe's, Imperfect Produce, and others interested in addressing food insecurity to build a food pantry that was attached to a medical clinic. We are helping them address health and social outcomes through the direct distribution of high quality and culturally appropriate foods.